Friday, November 13, 2015

Eclipse Error: archive required for library cannot be read

Recently I encountered a strange bug in eclipse after a colleague includes selenium in a pom file of a meven project. The eclipse complained " Error: archive required for library cannot be read". Detailed error like this:

"Description Resource Path Location Type Archive for required library: [root]/.m2/repository/org/seleniumhq/selenium/selenium-support/2.46.0/selenium-support-2.46.0.jar' in project '[*]' cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file umom Build path Build Path Problem"

However, it was found that the selenium-support-2.46.0.jar is valid jar which can be open as zip.

After some searching, the following work around seems to work in my case (link:

Workaround: For each affected project set 'Incomplete build path' to 'Warning' on the Compiler > Building property page. After that, shut down and restart the eclipse. followed by update the maven projects. And the problem is gone

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