Friday, January 14, 2011

System.Resources.MissingManifestResourceException" error message

Today i encountered this nusty error message when i was doing refactoring of my C# project in which i downgrade the original vs2010 project to vs2005 project and separate the project into a class project and a winform project. During the design time the winform partial class code its designer partial class code does not appear under the same subtree in the vs2005 explorer view. and after compile and build, the application runs into this error when run in debug mode. The problem is due to i create a folder and copy the code over from the original project within the vs2005. This problem is finally solved by creating the folder, then copy the codes manually from the original project folder, then select from the menu "Project->Show All Files", now the folder created will show up in the vs2005 explorer viewer, right-click the folder and select "Include in the Project". Now the winform partial class code will automatically attached with the designer partial class code and the error message will go away.

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