Saturday, October 17, 2015

Eclipse Tomcat: class path resource [properties/server-${}.properties] cannot be opened because it does not exist

Today I encounter this error when working on a spring project in eclipse when trying to start the tomcat server on the spring mvc project:

"class path resource [properties/server-${}.properties] cannot be opened because it does not exist"

The issues turned out to be that the spring project has two properties files: namely and The project define a property "" which need to be supplied to the tomcat server when launching the spring mvc project so that the proper properties file can be loaded. The problem occurred because i was did not specify the argument when launching the project. To resolve this, double click the tomcat server instance in the "Servers" window in Eclipse and click the "Overview" tab. In the "Overview" tab, click "Open launch configuration" link. In the "Edit Configuration" dialog opened, click the "Arguments" tab, and append the following to the "VM arguments" textbox:

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