Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nexus: Maven pulls everything but the main jar of drools and jboss through POM dependency

I encountered an error in the eclipse in which maven was not able to pull jar files as specified in the pom file related to the drools.6.3.0.Final. The library files are pulled from a local Nexus repository in which both the jboss public proxy has been setup and added in the mirrors of the local maven settings.xml file.

The problem turned out to be that the pom file in the folder '/root/.m2/repository/org/jboss/dashboard-builder/dashboard-builder-bom/6.3.0.Final/" is named as " dashboard-builder-bom-6.3.0.Final.pom.lastUpdated" instead of "

After renamed the pom file back and do a maven force update on the project in eclipse the error was gone.

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