Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sentiment Analysis: Comments Sentiment Analysis

Just completed a demo of sentiment analysis machine learning on comments posted on (新加坡美食网), the comments are in chinese, the sentiment analysis is done to be able to output for multiple criteria such as:

Service (good, bad, neutral, etc)
Taste (good, bad, neutral, etc)
Surrounding (good, bad, neutral, etc)
Overral Rating (good, bad, neutral, etc)

The language is auto-detected (therefore not limited to chinese and english), default model is based on Naive Bayes Classifier and Decision Tree, SVM and neural network , transfer learning are under progress.

The demo video can be viewed at:

Below are some screenshots:
Crawl Data

View Comments

Sentiment Analysis (Chinese)

Sentiment Analysis (Chinese)

Sentiment Analysis (English)

Sentiment Analysis (Japanese)

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